Gow Media, headquartered in Houston , Texas, is a sports marketing company comprised of two Houston sports radio stations and a national sports talk network.

SB Nation Radio – Coming August 1st, SB Nation Radio will be the next generation of sports radio.

SB Nation Radio 1560 AM (KGOW) – Launching August 1st, Houston’s home for SB Nation Radio and Dan Patrick in the mornings is 1560 AM.

ESPN 97.5 FM (KFNC)– Houston’s only FM sports station has a unique audience from the other sports stations in town. It’s listeners have active lifestyles, strong qualitative qualities and a passion for all things sports. ESPN 97.5 boasts a mix of national and local programming that is, simply put, great sports talk.

PodcastArena.com – Podcast Arena is one of the fastest growing platforms for long-form sports on demand, with over 14 million listens within the first year!

David Gow is the Chairman and CEO of Gow Media. Prior to founding Gow Media, David worked at Ashford.com, first as the CFO and ultimately as the CEO. His background also includes serving as the Director of Corporate Strategy at Compaq Computers, and as a consultant at McKinsey & Co. His education includes a BA in Economics from Williams College and a Masters degree from Harvard University.

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